September - December 2021

Data Talks

Brazil Centre
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New Data Talks Blog Post
Public data against corruption
by Lara Isa Costa Ferreira
"Brazil's problem is corruption”. Recurrently this statement can be heard. Widespread perceptions most often result from the construction of narratives based on disseminated information, but not always faithful to social and political complexities of the world. (...)
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Data Talks
Data Talks is a series of talks between Brazil and Germany on the topic of usages of public
transparency and open government data to face the social challenges from our times.

From September to December 2021, researchers, government officials and experts
will exchange their views and experiences on how can we use public data to improve
education, promote sustainability, fight corruption, and other themes.
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Data Talks Blog
Researcher of University of São Paulo contribute with insights from Data Talks Episodes.
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The wwu.usp Project
The Data Talks series is one of the current digital activities of the Strategic Partnership Project called wwu.usp between the University of Münster (WWU) and the University of São Paulo (USP), which has been funded by the German Academic Exchange Service (DAAD) since 2015. The wwu.usp project is coordinated by the Brazil Centre of the WWU in collaboration with the AUCANI-USP (International Cooperation Office).

The aim of the wwu.usp project is to promote research collaboration and the
exchange of students and professors in all fields of knowledge in order to deepen the strong partnership between WWU and USP. The Data Talks series also serve to promote the dialogue between senior and young researchers and experts promoting the discussion in the thematic realm of "data" from the perspective of different disciplines.

The Data Talks was conceived by Jessica Voigt as a part of the German Chancellor Fellowship (2020/21) - Alexander von Humboldt Foundation - and is hosted by the Brazil Centre of the University of Münster as a part of the wwu.usp project, promoted in cooperation with the AUCANI, from the University of São Paulo.

Jessica Voigt
Jessica is former German Chancellor Fellow from the Alexander von Humboldt Stiftung and guest researcher at the Institut für Politikwissenschaft of the University of Münster. She is the founder and producer of Data Talks.
Prof. Dr.-Ing. Bernd Hellingrath 
wwu.usp Project leader and Scientific Director of the Brazil Centre.
Anja Grecko Lorenz
Managing director of the
Brazil Centre.
Katy Karen C. dos Santos
Brazil Centre’s member of staff for advisory services, communication and coordination of the wwu.usp project. She also works with the coordination and production of Data Talks.
Prof. Dr. Marcio Lobo Netto
Former Vice-Provost and Associate Director for Mobility at AUCANI-USP and coordinator of the wwu.usp project from the side of USP.
Juliana Heredia
Juliana is an audiovisual professional and also contributes to other podcasts. She is responsible for the technical support of Data Talks.  
Isabel Deak
Isabel is a translator, and she is responsible for reviewing the talks' transcripts and translate them to Portuguese for our subtitles.
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